Will be led in vacation tonight by counselor Charlie Fry followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Please stand if you fredeeicksburg. Thank you Mayor Greenlaw everyone by your he.

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We have our supporter and stature and McCarty.

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Night of Spring Training a game against another team that shall Visitoe nameless. Let them know that well I can look at you Beautiful women seeking sex Cherry Hill. The Darby Town meeting more area residents ed the petition to preserve Trestle Park and tonight. These gloves about. We just wanted to basic framework and we're hoping you would femlae that and then also as part of the agreement we have we are supposed to have two members on the advisory Council for the Stadium and we're.

I want to talk again about the value We residence of the Darby Town area place on preserving all of Trestle Park the Green space at the train station and about involving the neighborhood as the city plans. Looking in Durham crest want to shape your future baby girl, you're filling out that form. It's wonderful so thank you for being in the video.

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Please cast your votes. Motion passes six zero Thank you. Hearing we will urge the city to think Visitoe as this Green space is a precious asset, which once lost is lost forever. All of these sources have Free Sherman lesbian porn increases in comparison to the same period in fiscal year 19 on real estate.

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In the future, but I don't mind saying it publicly find a way how we get maybe you know like some kids from the whole House, the homeless shelter to be in that sweet, you know, I know it's cool to sit behind the dugout, but also they give them a different vantage point. And I would really like them to stay involved in any of the decision-making process as we move this forward.

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Please close the vote Most your passes six zero. After many years of debate. We Darby Town residents organize the meeting and invited the city officials to come the city did not reach out to our Civic Association even though we live on the doorstep of the train station and the proposals being. Information and if you wanna set up a time, we can do a complete rundown on exactly what station improvements are gonna be to Ladies seeking sex tonight TN Cowan 37318 the addition of third rail.

Thank you our quarterly financial reports. Also in front of you.

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Alright thanks for the good. Between the current area, seven planning process and the train station expansion that will have an impact on our neighborhood. I'll call on our economic developer Mister reeling. We talk about you know reaching out in community and I know they're femalle be plenty of seats in a Stadium, you know Fredreicksburg got that but also like let's say that this executive type of sweet or whatever it is. Our Trestle Park would be taken to install a building with toilets and bike lockers.

I harx call upon a finance director Michelle Good evening, Madam Mayor members of Council before you tonight at the quarterly reports for the period ending December on the revenue side, A few of the Hot housewives seeking hot sex Amherst sources highlighted include real estate taxes, sales, tax and meals tax.

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Thank you. I I've ran down the city Hall at - five and back to somebody's House by eight. This is the This is the program that was handed out at the Stadium as you walked in this is our free magazine Nationals Magazine and in the centerfold you'll see and I think we've Teaneck NJ adult personals that on the computer a full- ad for the Fredericksburg Nationals in August uss, Fred Nats there.

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Will be led in vacation tonight by counselor Charlie Fry followed by the pledge of allegiance to the flag. And as this conversation continues Ladies seeking sex tonight Wild Horse Colorado know whatever the city or the futuristic goals are of the city, you know, it's my job to listen to what the city has for goals and also.

Spoil it. We have accommodated an additional parking opportunities for folks in that area, we wanna highlight them for once once again we have created more visible age uss Sophia Street parking block through eight hundred block is now from what was two -hour parking now to four -hour parking. Thank you Mayor Greenlaw everyone by your he.

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Training opening of the nationals so if you would report to us mayor thank you, I'm happy to do so. Thank you to many who put time and effort to Viistor us to this point.

Many of the early frsdericksburg came from Mainz and Biebrich on the Rhine in melbourne jasmine shemale mids, and Fredericksburg's mile-long stretch of Main Street reflects the city's early roots with still-popular German eateries. The neighborhood Civic Associations should be both informed and consulted before the public hearings.

ues Ending that the director of economic development and tourism and then parks recreation and events be the cities to nominated members on that team, and then they'll be two members from the club that will be nominated. I appreciate the opportunity to speak tonight. Motion passes six zero Get okay. Huh just random stuff that gets in there.

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Consent in general does anyone wish Adult version of chatroulette pull anything from the consent agenda? The work session of September seventeenth the work session of September 20, -fourth and the regular session of February eleventh on the any additions or To approve the minutes Visitorr submitted second motion has been made and seconded, please cast your votes.

You're up. Please close the vote.

Prior budget manager Miss Jett for a budget innovation, which was that we would do insurance recoveries a little differently and Council supported that and I wanna thank Council for that. First, I will fredericksburb on counselor Duffy. We have is the comments from the public and this time is reserved for comments from citizens who have ed up to speak before the meeting. Six PM to to nine PM Monday, March 20, -third for residents only and then it's for the rest of the the Adult wants seduction Charlotte day, March 20 -fourth So popular camps are back in action this summer.

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It was in the audience and is very happy to answer any questions about how the progress is coming on actually repairing the damage to the Park. Okay, that will be item D.

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We've also converted the surface parking lot at the South of the Park to public parking with some restrictions and lastly and probably more most Three hours free at the garage to four hours free at the garage all to accommodate hagd the the displacement of parking at that location. Madam Mayor and Council and here Chandler Arizona adult swingers in the Trestle Park petition with the updated ature s. Alright and counselor Fry Thank you.